Run Nicotine+ from git

For those of us who like living on the bleeding edge and want to help testing the latest changes and bug-fixes, you can run Nicotine+ directly from the git repository. This is not particularly hard, but it may come with some additional required skills, like installing dependencies and managing changes in the database and the config files.

Run Nicotine+ from a folder

To run Nicotine+ directly from a folder, run the following:

git clone
cd nicotine-plus

To update to newer versions of Nicotine+, run the following:

cd nicotine-plus
git pull

Install Nicotine+ for the current user

To install Nicotine+ locally (no root required), run the following:

pip install git+

Nicotine+ will now be available in your list of programs.

To update to newer versions of Nicotine+, run the same command as previously:

pip install git+

To uninstall Nicotine+, run:

pip uninstall nicotine-plus


For Windows, follow the instructions in instead